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Electrical Engineering Project Ideas For Final Year

  1. UPFC - Unified Power Factor Control.
  2. Construction of Central Control Unit for Irrigation water pumps.
  3. Cost effective method to control entire villager’s water pumps with user level authentication. Illiterate’s friendly system.
  4. Centralized energy meter for display distance at 30meters - Avoiding tampering of electrical energy meter in houses
  5. Embedded System Integrated Into a Wireless Sensor Network for Online DynamicTorque and Efficiency Monitoring in Induction Motors
  6.  Design and Implementation of Intelligent Energy Distribution Management with Photovoltaic System
  7. Sensor Network Based Oil well Health Monitoring and Intelligent Control
  8. . Solar induction motor driver. 
  9. Speed control of universal motor with automated ON load and OFF load sensing
  10. . Solar tracking system with automated water pump controlling
  11.  Touch screen based AC motor speed Monitoring and control system
  12.  Touch screen based wireless AC motor speed Monitoring and control system
  13.  Intelligent Transformer Isolation system using PC
  14. Real time Atomization of Indian Agricultural system.
  15. Automated Solar Street lighting system using LED’s
  16. GSM based Energy meter with tampering alert
  17. Event driven automation with Android backup control
  18. Transformer over load alert through voice announcement.
  19. Wireless Power Factor monitoring and controlling through PC
  20. Protection of power transformer using microcontroller-based relay
  21. Industrial parameters monitoring and crane controlling using Zigbee
  22. Transformer load sharing with SMS alerting.
  23. Multi zone temperature monitoring with voice announcement system.
  24. Maximum demand controller & fault alerting for industries.
  25. speed control of exhaust fan using RF remote.
  26. Solar Tracker Robot using Microcontroller
  27. Design and Implementation of intelligent Urban Irrigation System
  28. Remote Controlled Screw Jack
  29. Microcontroller based smart charge controller for standalone solar photovoltaic power systems.
  30. GPRS based single phase fault monitoring and SMS alert 
  31. Design and construction of parabolic solar reflectors
  32. Servo Motor Control using mobile phone.
  33. Wireless power theft monitoring with automatic circuit breaker system and indication at local substations
  34. Energy Tapping Identifier through Wireless Data Acquisition System
  35. Foot step power generation system.
  36. Multi channel voltage scanner
  37. Controlling of exhaust fan based on Smoke and Gas intensity in industries.
  38. Four channel fault annunciation for industries.
  39. Feeder Protection From Over Load.
  40. Temp based speed control of exhaust fan using TRIAC.
  41. Petrochemical Level Indicator and Controller for Automation of cotton purification process in spinning mills.
  42. Autonomous energy meter with auto announcement system
  43. Solar based self powered high efficient Line following robot with obstacle avoidance
  44. Zigbee based power management system
  45. Speech recognition based Wheel chair with elevated features
  46. Water level indicator on LCD
  47. DTMF 3-phase irrigation Control with Feedback
  48. I-Button & keypad based DC motor door lock system

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